Judge Quoted on Fidget Spinner Safety and Compliance


Judge Quoted on Fidget Spinner Safety and Compliance

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Partner Jonathan Judge was quoted on the potential physical and legal hazards surrounding fidget spinners as the latest must-have toy. The toys are often made of plastic with metal bearings for balance, sometimes containing batteries, and all having pieces small enough for a child to choke.

“Predictably, fidget spinner manufacturers and distributors are feeling the heat of the spotlight, as reports emerge that children are hurting themselves with these toys," he said.

Jonathan added that since no one manufacturer has ownership over the idea of the fidget spinner, anyone can create, market, and sell the toys, many of which are made overseas and sold online here. He warned, “When products are not made in the United States or sold through U.S. distributors, ensuring compliance with federal law becomes a challenge.”

Judge concluded that while he is not yet aware of any current legal action against a fidget spinner manufacturer, he urges the toymakers to comply with federal regulations to help protect against future liability lawsuits.

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