Aly Quoted on SCOTUS Laches Ruling


Aly Quoted on SCOTUS Laches Ruling

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Intellectual Property Group Co-Leader and Partner Imron Aly was quoted on the potential fallout of the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling that laches is no longer allowed as a defense in patent infringement suits.

Imron warned that this decision

“allows patent owners to game the system. A patentee could wait for years to see who is using its patent and then sue only those companies who are using it successfully. [It] will encourage patent owners to sit on their hands until an infringing product or service makes money.”

Imron added that the ruling particularly benefits non-practicing entities (NPEs) or “patent trolls.”

“NPEs will benefit because they usually have older patents, and this ruling makes it easier to sue on older patents,” said Aly.

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