A strong supply chain and effective distribution network are essential to a company’s success in bringing its products to market. Our Supply and Distribution team is exceptionally experienced in the intricacies and nuances of all aspects of the product supply chain.  Our clients include leading manufacturers, suppliers, dealers and distributors of a wide range of products.

A Depth of Experience

We are known for our proven ability to help our clients navigate the complex landscape of laws and issues that affect the production and sale of their products. Our team has demonstrable strengths in the areas of antitrust (including the Sherman Act and the Robinson-Patman Act), franchise and distributor laws, product liability and recalls. 

It is this breadth of experience that gives us the ability to efficiently, effectively and creatively design and implement distribution and dealer programs, as well as negotiate exclusive and non-exclusive arrangements on behalf of manufacturers, suppliers and distributors.

Acknowledged Leaders

Our attorneys are recognized as leading attorneys in the franchise and distribution industry. We regularly craft and negotiate sophisticated distribution agreements. On occasions when a distribution arrangement is being terminated, our clients from a wide variety of industries and geographic reach rely on us for quick and accurate advice on the state, federal and common laws that affect the rights and obligations associated with the termination.