Project Controls

Project Controls


When considering the millions of dollars at risk in any major construction project, owners are looking for every competitive and business advantage available to help monitor and manage project costs and schedule. In response to those needs, the Schiff Hardin Construction Law Group offers specialized project-control services for upcoming and ongoing major capital improvement projects.

Services to Protect the Bottom Line

More than 25 years ago, our construction attorneys recognized that owners need legal and business help in the management of their project’s budget and schedule; in doing so, we revolutionized the way legal counsel is used to protect the client’s bottom line. Operating in a capacity different than that of a typical owner’s representative or construction project manager, we provide our clients with realistic opinions of scheduling and cost issues, objective appraisals of critical project issues, and options for resolving disputes in real time – before they can impact ongoing work.

Beginning with the contract documents, our team prepares and negotiates specific contract provisions on project controls that enable owners to track cost and schedule information on the subject project. That information is provided to the owner by the contractor as the project progresses.

But gathering data is just the first step in the process. We then use a blend of monitoring, analyzing and reporting on the collected cost and schedule data points to help project the direction of the project going forward. This information is also used to help control and manage change orders, avoid contractor claims, control costs and keep the project on schedule – providing a major benefit to an owner for overall cost management.

In fact, by working closely with client representatives on streamlining their procurement and construction process, while also providing independent oversight to verify a project’s budget and schedule, we can produce tremendous savings for our clients. These project controls also work to reduce legal expenses over the life of the project.

Serving Clients in Many Industries

The Construction Law Group has deep experience in providing project-controls advice to owners of large projects in many different industries, including energy/utility, commercial, industrial, educational, hospital, sports and public sector. These services include the following:

  • Monitoring ongoing construction progress
  • Cost control issues
  • Control and change order issues
  • Analyzing current and pending contractor claims, as well as projecting and avoiding potential claims
  • Dispute resolution while a project remains ongoing, thereby allowing those projects to complete on or ahead of schedule