Harmon is an estate planner who has shepherded generations of families through the wealth planning labyrinthine. He is unflustered by the complicated family dynamics often associated with these matters and finds innovative ways to mitigate them in a timely and tactful manner.

Harmon’s nationwide practice has helped clients plan for the transfer of their assets in a tax efficient and practical way. He has participated in a multitude of family meetings to develop, design and implement family estate planning. Harmon’s goal is to provide clients with clarity about their options and work closely with them and their other professional advisors to develop an integrated estate plan.

Harmon focuses on advising business owners in management and ownership succession. This practice often involves restructuring the business entity, creating incentive compensation plans for management, designing voting arrangements, and creating wealth transfer vehicles. After devising these plans, Harmon acts as a hands-on adviser for these clients to fine-tune them and insure they are properly implemented.