Eighty-Three Schiff Hardin LLP Attorneys Named to the Illinois Leading Lawyers Network


Eighty-Three Schiff Hardin LLP Attorneys Named to the Illinois Leading Lawyers Network

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Eighty-three Schiff Hardin LLP attorneys have been named to the 2006 Illinois Leading Lawyers Network. Appointment to this list is the result of thousands of contacts that the Illinois Leading Lawyers Network makes with Illinois lawyers asking them which  of their peers they believe comprise the top lawyers. Only those lawyers who are most often recommended qualify as Leading Lawyers.

These Schiff Hardin attorneys (and their practice areas) are Illinois Leading Lawyers.

Thomas W. Abendroth — Estate Planning and Administration
John F. Adams — Corporate and Securities
Barry S. Alberts — Litigation
Robert Berger — Litigation
Scott Bieber — Estate Planning and Administration
Max G. Brittain Jr. — Labor and Employment
Harmon A. Brown — Estate Planning and Administration
James E. Brown — Corporate and Securities
Kevin J. Byrne — Intellectual Property 
Joseph A. Cancila Jr. — Litigation
Paul E. Dengel — Litigation
Stephen J. Dragich — Corporate and Securities
Marci A. Eisenstein — Litigation
Peter V. Fazio Jr. — Utilities
J. Mark Fisher — Bankruptcy, Workouts, and Creditors' Rights
Steven D. Friedland — Real Estate
Mark C. Friedlander — Construction
Lawrence M. Gill — Corporate and Securities
Stuart L. Goodman — Corporate and Securities
Walter C. Greenough — Litigation
David A. Grossberg — Real Estate
William M. Hannay — Antitrust
Frederick L. Hartmann — Corporate and Securities
Douglass C. Hochstetler — Intellectual Property
David R. Hodgman — Estate Planning and Administration
Allan Horwich — Securities and Futures Market Regulation
Richard J. Hoskins — Intellectual Property
Larry Jacobson — Taxation
Janet M. Johnson — Real Estate
Trevor B. Joike — Intellectual Property
James M. Kane — Public Law and Finance
Theodora P. Karnegis — Estate Planning and  Administration
Robert E. Kolek — Taxation
Donald J. Kreger — Public Law and Finance
Ruth E. Krugly — Litigation
Jeffrey Kuta — Real Estate
Thomas P. Luning — Litigation
Paul M. Lurie — Construction
Neal A. Mancoff — Employee Benefits and Executive Compensation
Paul C. Marengo — Public Law and Finance
Catherine M. Masters — Litigation
David S. McCarthy — Corporate and Securities
Michael L. Meyer — Securities and Futures Market Regulation 
Robert J. Minkus — Corporate and Securities
Paula J. Morency — Intellectual Property
Ralph A. Morris — Labor and Employment
Gary L. Mowder — Financial Institutions 
Steven H. Noll — Intellectual Property 
Joseph J. O'Hara Jr. — Product Liability
Roger Pascal — Litigation
S. Michael Peck — Corporate and Securities
Charles H.R. Peters — Litigation
Guenther M. Philipp — Real Estate
Scott E. Pickens — Finance
Robert R. Pluth Jr. — Taxation
Thomas B. Quinn — Litigation 
Robert H. Riley — Product Liability
Kenneth M. Roberts — Construction
Melvin A. Robinson — Intellectual Property
Gabriel M. Rodriguez — Environment
Carl A. Royal — Securities and Futures Market Regulation 
Ronald S. Safer — White Collar Defense and Corporate Compliance
John N. Scholnick — Litigation
Henry W. Sledz Jr. — Labor and Employment
Patricia C. Slovak — Labor and Employment
Jeffrey N. Smith — Corporate and Securities
Edward Spacapan Jr. — Employee Benefits and Executive Compensation
David M. Spector — Reinsurance
Frederick J. Sperling — Litigation
Linda K. Stevens — Litigation
Clay A. Tillack — Intellectual Property 
Brett A. Valiquet — Intellectual Property
Thomas R. Wechter — Taxation
Bruce P. Weisenthal — Public Law and Finance
Thomas P. White — Intellectual Property
Robert B. Wilcox Jr. — Intellectual Property
Roger R. Wilen — Corporate and Securities
Jay Williams — Litigation
Mark C. Zaander — Finance
Sheldon A. Zabel — Environment
Christopher J. Zinski — Financial Institutions