We Are Committed

Schiff Hardin is committed to actively opposing discrimination of all forms and types. We specifically commit to learning about both historical and current racial injustices and inequities and to engaging in anti-racist and anti-discriminatory actions both inside and outside the firm. We commit to seeing and treating all people as equal but understand that everyone’s lived experience is different, both within the workplace and outside of it. We acknowledge that people are frequently disadvantaged by multiple sources of potential oppression based on their characteristics (including race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, and others), so we need to understand the intersecting and overlapping impact of those sources.

Because both systems and individuals contribute to all forms of bias, we will fight bias on both of those fronts: by analyzing our firm’s policies and practices regarding recruiting, retention, promotion, and belonging, and changing those that reflect or perpetuate bias; and by working as individuals to avoid overt and implicit bias in everything we do.

We will concentrate our work in three specific areas: 1) increasing diversity of all types within the firm and in the legal profession; 2) intentionally building an environment at Schiff where everyone feels welcome and where they can be and progress as their authentic selves; and 3) combatting racial and social injustice through our pro bono work and by working with and giving to anti-racism organizations and other organizations committed to social justice.

This mission statement is our foundational document and the basis for our diversity, equity, and inclusion work. We know that this statement is aspirational. We know that we—and our society as a whole—have work to do to achieve the goals we set out here, and we know that these goals may change as we learn more about how to make our firm and the world a more just and equitable place.

A mission is a strong conviction backed up by action. With this mission statement, we commit to both our diversity, equity, and inclusion goals and to the actions required to achieve them.


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Annual Reports

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2019 Diversity+Inclusion Year in Review

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Schiff Receives Leadership Council on Legal Diversity Compass Award for Second Straight Year

For the second consecutive year, Schiff Hardin LLP has been recognized with a Compass Award by the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity (LCLD) for the firm’s active involvement in partnering with LCLD to foster a more diverse legal profession. MORE

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Schiff Hardin Achieves Mansfield Certification for Second Consecutive Year

Schiff Hardin LLP is proud to announce the firm has achieved Mansfield Certified Plus status for 2020. This recognition demonstrates our continuing commitment to increasing diversity within the firm’s leadership ranks. MORE

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Introducing Diversity+Inclusion 2019 Year in Review

Our 2019 Diversity+Inclusion Year in Review is a snapshot of our continued efforts to build a culture of belonging and ensure all of the diverse voices at Schiff have a seat at the table. Learn more about our work and why we are stronger together. MORE