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Laying it all out.

                                        We start with a holistic approach to trust and estate planning — looking at the full
                                        landscape of your business and family to identify your needs and evaluate potential
                                        Expect us to ask questions about your family members, advisers, employees, and partners
                                        so we can understand the important players and their roles. We’ll review your universe
        Foundation                      of trusts, bank and brokerage accounts, insurance policies, employment agreements,
                                        business charters, and health care directives — anything that could impact the blueprint.
                                        And we’ll explore your personal, business, and charitable goals, both immediate and for
                                        the future.
                                        With everything on the table, we’ll start moving the pieces to design a plan for your
                                        unique situation. We’ll brainstorm different scenarios, help you clear your financial and
                                        business clutter, and put together a workable action plan.

                                        Making it work.

                                        Once your overall strategy is in place, we can smoothly establish or update reliable
                                        vehicles to increase value, minimize taxes, and hold and transfer assets.
                                        Schiff Hardin lawyers have decades of experience implementing sophisticated tax,
                                        trust, and gifting strategies. We work with a wide range of instruments and entities,
                                        from GRATS and multigenerational “dynasty” trusts to private foundations and family
          Structure                     limited partnerships.
                                        Because communication today is the best hedge against conflict and confusion
                                        tomorrow, we take special care to help keep all relevant parties informed about your
                                        trust and estate planning, in accordance with your instructions. We conduct family
                                        meetings to educate family members and enable them to express any opinions or
                                        concerns. Our ability to connect with different generations often leads to improvements
                                        and clarifications in the blueprint, and avoids future litigation.

                                        Adjusting when life changes.

                                        Change happens. But our approach is tailor-made to handle it. Our thorough
                                        knowledge of your business and family allows us to address many potential scenarios in
                                        advance. We build flexibility into your blueprint, providing for the changing needs and
                                        circumstances of future generations.
                                        We understand that unforeseen circumstances can cause family and fiduciary disputes
                                        despite the best-laid plans. While we always seek out-of-court solutions first, when
             Future                     litigation is needed we draw on a large team of courtroom-tested lawyers to advocate
                                        on your behalf. We have successfully resolved hundreds of trust and estate disputes
                                        from coast to coast.
                                        Perhaps most importantly, our deep bench and long-term commitment to our clients
                                        mean your heirs and beneficiaries can call on us for decades to come, as they reach
                                        their own milestones. So whether your business successor needs liquidity for global
                                        expansion, or your great-granddaughter wants to put assets in trust for her great-
                                        grandchildren, we’ll be there to offer creative, forward-looking solutions and support.
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